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Featherman Special Set Up

Featherman Equipment will be closed July 4 – 7th to celebrate Indpendence Day with friends and family. Happy 4th! 


Featherman Equipment Set-up Specials & Packages

This set includes all you need to get started. The Featherman Pro picker, Scalder, Dunker, Shackles, Small Kill Cone Stand, and eight Broiler Cones. One person can load and dispatch four birds in two minutes, load and scald four birds in a little more than a minute, and pick four birds in a little less than a minute – that adds up to sixty birds per hour! Includes $100 off individual prices.
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Featherman Equipment Big Reveal

The big reveal is here! Featherman Equipment is your trusted source for innovative Pastured Poultry products for 25 [...]

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Folks, we can’t wait on this…

It isn’t our BIG Reveal, that’s coming out next week… Call it our little Reveal. But it could [...]

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Big News Coming Next Week!

Excitement is building at Featherman Equipment as we count down to our big reveal!

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Featherman Equipment – All you need for Poultry Processing!

Featherman Equipment is your source for Poultry Processing Equipment: Chicken Pluckers, Chicken Processing, Chicken Scalding, and Gamebird Processing!  “Supporting rural entrepreneurship, healthy land, animals and people is at the heart of Featherman Equipment and our line of poultry processing equipment. Having raised, butchered and sold pastured poultry since 1994, we know the benefits and the bottlenecks of a poultry enterprise. Our lifestyle and many meat customer friends are testimonies to the benefits of raising pastured poultry. It is easy to be enthusiastic about our line of practical and economical equipment to support this industry.”

– Featherman Equipment LLC