Warranty Information

Featherman Parts & Warranty Questions:

What maintenance is required on your Featherman Pluckers?
Experience since 1999 has shown the Featherman pluckers, even in extremely high use, require very low maintenance. No oil to change & only one grease fitting. Simply wash down after use and store under cover.

What about spare parts?
There are only two moving parts, the fingers and a grease-able bearing. We will provide these as needed but in eight years there have been no bearing failures and very few replacement fingers needed. You can buy the fingers through us if needed.

What is your warranty?
Pluckers & Scalders are warrantied for one year of normal use.

Please note! The warranty is void if the customer tampers with the equipment in any way.

In certain circumstances, we will require return of parts covered under warranty. Once received, new replacement parts will be sent.