Homesteading Corner

Featherman Team

Happy Homestead Holidays from the Featherman Team! We appreciate our tribe more every day, every year.

Because many of you new to us identify as Homesteaders – and you old timers can certainly relate to that – we are moved to offer Homesteading nuggets of wisdom on The Featherman Homesteading Corner Youtube Channel.

Team Featherman has a hefty resume in the Homesteading Department. 

Being raised Amish, Marie, Featherman Shop Manager, is a wealth of home-spun knowledge. Even better, she has shared that knowledge during her years as owner/manager of the Arbor House Bed and Breakfast in Jamesport and while her Amish home was featured on the famous Jamesport Amish home tour. Marie is now really excited to share her Amish wisdom with you.

Courtney, Featherman Office Manager and our niece, manages a laying flock of her own, processes chickens, and is super active in her community as school board trustee and parental rights advocate. It was Courtney who picked Alumi-Coops for her community project, leading to us becoming a dealer.

Her Mom, Terri, and her aunt Renée, my better half, were raised on a farm in southern Kansas.They know chores. They know Grandma’s cookin’.

My path is probably more like yours. Big city raised, decided to go country and never looked back. My 40 years of farming and homesteading so far have had at least one hard knock lesson a day so that’s a lot of lumps I can try to save you! On my third farm in Florida now I’m having a blast putting my knowledge from farms one and two to use.

With over 100 years of collective experience we know we can be a trusted source of info. But where to begin? 

David has made a trailer for three future water videos – 1 how and where to run new waterlines; 2 easily contouring your property with terraces and channeling water to ponds, and; 3 energy-free water pumping with a “ram” pump. See the trailer here:

Every farm needs water but we want you to prioritize what you’d like to see and hear. Pick your favorites from this list or write in your topic.

1. Home cooking – wood stoves, easiest/best meals, favorite recipes

2. Home gardening – favorite seeds to plant, best non-chemical practices, hens as gardeners 

3. Chickens – You name it!

4. Inter-species grazing

5. Home building – location, off grid, roof water, compost toilets, straw bale, solar

6. Farm layout – access, water, fencing, planned grazing

7. Composting

8. Canning 

9. Cellars 

We have first hand experience in these areas and it would be fun for us to share. Please reply directly with your favorite topics or go to our Facebook page here to weigh in. Here’s to fun, adventure and knowledge sharing in 2024!

All best,


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